The Relationship Jewelry Guide

The Relationship Jewelry guide. Of course one’s engagement ring, and wedding band are the most important and meaningful piece of jewelry you share with one another. However, there are all those other little events throughout your lives. While you may want to give her jewelry, a diamond isn’t necessarily what you’re after in these circumstances. Whether it’s a birthday, christmas, or just a gift out of the blue there are several options to wow her in the jewelry department, and we have some great tips for you.

A bracelet is a great gift idea, with so many different styles of bracelets you can always find one to fit that particular occasion, or outfit. They are also generally easy for sizing, unlike rings. Most bracelets are one size, and if they are a chain link it can be easily adjusted.

Bangles have been making more appearances in fashion, and with good reason, A great colourful bangle adds some fun and pop to a look. This Orange and Gold Hermes Bracelet for example is a great option for her at any season of the year. The bright colour can be fitting for summer and spring, yet with the right outfit it can be perfect for a winter look.

If you feel her taste is more classic you can opt for a thinner bracelet. The thinner bracelet gives a nice addition to an outfit, but doesn’t steal the show. However the options with thinner bracelets is also to combine more than one. With different colours available it can make a great gift to give her a couple beautiful thin bracelets to wear separately or together. These Hermes Bracelets are available in many other colours. While the bracelets look beautiful on their own, it is great to have the option of combining them.

For a romantic occasion, dainty bracelets can have more of a romantic, elegant feel to them. If you are buying a bracelet with chain links you can ask the jeweler to fit the bracelet to her size. A dainty bracelet is perfect for everyday wear, as they are simple enough to go with most outfits. A dainty bracelet can also be the perfect choice for an elegant night out. With a fancy dress, and shoes the simple bracelet just adds the right dose of glamour. This Bracelet by Yves Saint Laurent is a perfect dainty bracelet for her. The style of this bracelet is timeless, and doesn’t call for adjustments in size.

Cuff bracelets are another trendy bracelet style seen across the runways today. There are a lot of variations on the cuff bracelet. The cuffs can be seen in leather, and gold, with everything from diamonds, to studs embellishing them. The cuff is a great option to find the piece that really speaks to her sense of style. SInce these bracelets are a larger statement they show off the particular colour or design that much more. If she likes punk, styles of fashion this cuff bracelet by Valentino Garavani would be a great choice. With it’s pink colour and studs, this cuff has the perfect mix of feminine, with a dose of punk style.

Last, but not least we discuss earrings. Earring cans be a daunting gift choice. Most women have a certain preference when it comes to earrings, either opting for studs, or dangly earrings on a regular basis. Once you know what style of earring she is more inclined to wear, the hardest part is over. Earrings have a large selection of styles, there are diamond earrings, gold, silver, or just fun earrings with shapes, or flowers on them. This pair of earrings from Yves Saint Laurent have a good mix of dangle and stud. Since the earring comes from a stud base, those who don’t wear dangly earrings often will feel more comfortable.