Engagement And Wedding Jewelry For Less

Weddings and engagement parties are memorable occasions wherein the bride or bride-to-be has to look her best. It is her time to stand out and thus, she needs the right statement pieces to do so. However, while we would like to spend a fortune on baubles, our financial constraints will make it impossible for excessive diamond and gold accessories. Even so, one can purchase baubles that mimic the sparkle of diamonds and the sheen of gold or white gold. Here are tips for the bride-to-be who has to accessorize on a tight budget.

Faux Is Fine

With the economy these days, it would be impossible for most of us to splurge on real jewelry on our wedding day or engagement party. However, there is no need to fret. You can incorporate faux jewelry to your ensemble to make it look more fashionable.

Rhinestones And Pearls

Rhinestones and pearls are inexpensive pieces that can add that much-needed sparkle to your outfit. You can buy hair combs, a tiara or a headband with rhinestones, pearls or a combination of both to wear on your wedding day. The important thing is to add an accent or two, preferably something that sparkles.

Find An Inspiration Piece

There are many variations of wedding and engagement jewelry online. Thus, the bride-to-be should search for inspiration pieces beforehand. This will make it easier for her, as it will narrow down the possibilities. Base your inspiration on celebrity jewelry or on your favorite shape. For example, if one is having a beach wedding, starfish-shaped hair clips would add a whimsical touch to your wedding attire.

Visit Local Jewelry Stores

Visit jewelry stores in your area for ideas and inquire about prices while you are at it. However, as mentioned previously, most jewelry stores carry authentic pieces, which are expensive. Thus, your best option would be to browse through stores in search of faux jewelry. If their wares are not to your liking, the digital world should be your next stop.

Search Online For Great Deals

Most online stores carry a wide variety of wedding and engagement jewelry for the bride-to-be to choose from. Thus, it will be easier to find the perfect accessory this way. Choose from a dizzying amount of selections from the comfort of your own home. Before buying anything, check other sites first, as they may sell it for less.

Avoid Mass-Produced Goods

A bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. One would prefer to showcase her uniqueness on this special occasion. Thus, it is important to avoid purchasing pieces that are, for lack of a better term, over-used. For example, do not buy the same wedding tiara that your best friend bought for her wedding last year. Which is another reason why it would be wise to avoid purchasing your accessories from the shop that common friends patronize.

Quality For Less

High-quality pieces are not always purchased at exorbitant prices. Look for websites that have beautiful wedding and engagement accessories at a fair price. While many brides-to-be are unwise enough to invest in real jewelry for a one-time event, the savvy woman will opt for finely crafted pieces that are affordable. At the end of the day, the focus should be on the blushing bride and not on her baubles. Therefore, it would make more sense to invest in pieces that serve as accents, not as the main attraction.

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