Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings

In today’s high costing world, the brides are trying to increase their budget in order to be able to have a memorable wedding. Brides tend to have various types of jewellery options that include jewellery sets, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much more. Conversely, the groom has fewer options like wedding bands, engagement rings, chains, etc. The most significant of these jewellery pieces is the groom’s wedding band. Though most brides prefer to give their groom forever bands, buying the wedding bands is mostly left out till the end of wedding shopping when the budget is tight.

There is a very simple solution for this problem that comes in the form of the contemporary materials. The modern wedding bands are known as contemporary wedding bands that serve as a great alternative when the budget is tight. Such contemporary wedding bands are available in high quality with affordable prices and are considered better than the traditional precious metals such as gold and platinum.

Men’s tungsten wedding rings The tungsten wedding rings are made of tungsten carbide which is a compound of the rare metal tungsten that is combined with an equal number of carbon atoms. The men’s tungsten wedding rings are quite heavy and amazingly strong due to which they are the toughest choices on the market. These rings have a measuring of 8.9 and 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and are available in three colours. The various colours it is available in include tungsten carbide’s natural gunmetal grey hue, black and white tungsten. The white tungsten looks like white gold or platinum as it has a classic silvery tone.

The most important property of the men’s tungsten wedding rings is that they are extremely scratch-resistant ensuring that they are in good shape for many years. Since tungsten carbide is naturally brittle, the men’s tungsten wedding rings are not fully immune to cracking. So, these rings are not for those guys who have to work a lot with their hands. Some higher quality designers have improved the crack-resistance property of the tungsten rings enhancing its life.

Titanium Wedding Bands The titanium wedding bands and the tungsten wedding bands have a similar industrial grey colour but otherwise they are fairly different. These rings are quite lightweight and have hypoallergenic properties making it ideal for people having allergies or sensitive skin. Guys who prefer wearing lightweight jewellery will find this as the best option for wedding rings. Even though titanium is tough enough to not crack, it can get some scratches over time.

Cobalt chrome rings for men Guys who like bands with classic appearance can opt for cobalt chrome which looks similar to platinum or white gold. The cobalt chrome is made of a metallic alloy of cobalt and chromium that has a lustrous white metal look. In the contemporary materials market, the cobalt chrome is known to be the fastest rising star. It provides a huge range of benefits that includes great durability, extreme scratch resistance, hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

As opposed to the other contemporary materials, cobalt chrome rings can be resized. Since they are not used as often as gold rings, some research is needed to find the right jeweller that offers resizing of these rings.

Men’s ceramic wedding rings The unparalleled uniqueness of the ceramic rings is ideal for those guys who prefer distinctly different look. These rings give a traditional metallic shade due to its rich black colour. These rings are neutral and versatile and so can be used regularly on any outfit. The ceramic jewellery is made of titanium carbide that has the best properties of the titanium and tungsten combined together. Some of the features it offers include tungsten’s superior scratch-resistance and titanium’s improved crack-resistance as well as light-weight property.

All these contemporary materials are of the best quality so the contemporary wedding rings are sure to last for a long time and yet are not heavy on the budget.