A Woman’s Guide to Choosing Wedding Jewellery

Many women already find it challenging to pick jewellery for everyday use, so one can imagine how tricky the task is for special occasions like weddings. Regardless if you are the bride, the maid of honour, a bridesmaid or even just a wedding guest, know that there are general rules you should follow when picking wedding jewellery. Remember that the little details count—the wrong accessory (or accessories) can ruin what could have been a stunning outfit. So make sure to pick the right pieces by reading the tips below!

Decide with your dress as the main consideration

This tip is the first on the list for a reason—it is the most important rule of all, especially if you are the one getting married. Surely, you have spent a lot of time choosing the perfect dress for the event. If you deem the dress important enough to spend many of your precious hours on, then you definitely want it to be your outfit’s piece de resistance. So when you are going to choose jewellery for the event, consider the dress as the basis for your decision. Make sure the pieces you select match and complement the dress, and not take attention away from it.

How will you know if the jewellery you choose goes well with the dress? If you are the bride-to-be, it is a good idea to bring several jewellery options during the dress fitting. Try on the dress with several pieces of jewellery and see what will work with the dress. If you are involved in the wedding either as a member of the entourage or a guest, feel free to bring the dress with you when shopping for jewellery. What matters is that you get to see how the dress looks like with the jewellery and that you absolutely love the look.

Think of the time of the wedding

The time of the wedding usually suggests the formality of the event, and the dress and jewellery you choose should match the event’s formality. Late afternoon and evening weddings are usually more formal, so you will be compelled to choose dressier pieces. Meanwhile, morning and early afternoon weddings are expected to be more relaxed and laid-back, so feel free to opt for simpler jewellery.

Make sure the metal goes with the dress colour

If you are the bride, the metal and colour combination is something worth thinking about. If the wedding dress is off-white or in a similar shade like champagne, the recommended metal for jewellery is rose or yellow gold. You have more choices if your dress is pure white—this hue works well with either white gold, platinum or silver.

Women should invest in silver jewellery because these prove to be versatile—these work will almost every colour. Gold jewellery also looks good with many colours, but it looks best with a selected few. These include jewel tones, bright orange and coral pink.

Pay attention to the details on the dress

The type of jewellery you should choose must go well with the details on the dress, such as those on the bodice. Pearls pair nicely with beading, while diamonds complement crystals or sequins. If the detailing on the bodice is quite elaborate, choose simpler pieces to achieve a balance.

Consider the neckline of the dress

The neckline of the dress is also another thing you should consider when picking out wedding jewellery. Strapless dresses look best with chokers, while sweetheart and V-neck dresses are best paired with pendant necklaces. For dresses with a cowl neckline, it is best to skip the necklace and opt for elaborate earrings instead. If the dress has a high neckline, you may choose a longer necklace or forgo it. Again, you can go bold with earrings to make a statement.

Use less jewellery (or none) if headpieces are used

Some brides want to wear an tiara on their wedding and that is fine. However, if you want to do the same and wear some kind of elaborate accessory on your head, either skip the earrings and necklaces or choose very simple pieces. You do not want to have too many accessories to take attention away from your dress. In this case, less is indeed more.

Choose bracelets carefully

The problem with bracelets is that these can have sharp features that can ruin the dress. It is always possible that the accessory will snag the fabric, especially if the fabric is a delicate one. You can skip the bracelet if your dress is made from delicate fabrics, but if you insist on wearing one, at least make sure the one you choose to wear does not have points that will cause any damage.