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Are you having sleepless night making your engagement a reality because of your budget? Is the thought of getting an engagement ring bothering you?

Perhaps you have been told by friends and relatives the price at which they got their own engagement ring and you are very disturbed on getting an affordable one.

Are you then contemplating on postponing your engagement till you are able to afford an expensive engagement ring? Not too worry, your engagement dream can be a reality, you don’t have to postpone it nor be caught up in the midst of debt after the engagement.

The good news is we offer you cheap and nice engagement ring of gold, silver sterling etc. We have cheap engagement rings that come in different sizes, different designs, and shapes. I bet you can’t seem to get a look at them all.

This is because they are in a different variation. Do not panic over your earning or your savings in getting your engagement ring. All you just need to do is to shop right and you are good to go.

You can choose a classic or a modern style cheap engagement ring or better still, you can even decide to design your engagement ring and be rest assured it will be at an affordable price. This is because we deal with nice engagement rings at a cheap price.

Discover a great collection of the beautiful stylish design of engagement rings and we offer them at a very cheap price. Our engagement rings give among others these few benefits listed below:

Ø  New designs: As technology keep changing, our engagement rings are keeping up and flowing with the modern time. We have been in this industry for long and we have outgrown providing our customers with home old fashioned engagement rings design.


We have a collection of modern engagement ring design and styles that will definitely make you look classic irrespective of the little price at which it was purchased.


Ø  Quality rings: One of the things people love about our engagement ring is the quality of the ring. Since our objective has been to provide our customers with quality engagement rings, we have never delivered below expectation.


It wouldn’t be so nice for an engagement ring to fade or lose its beauty/ value a couple of days or months right after the engagement.  It will be a total disaster since you wouldn’t be able to proudly show off your engagement finger in the midst of people. This can, therefore, tamper with your ego and self-esteem.

Ø  Color collection; Gone are the days of just putting on a gold or silver color engagement rings. Now, we have these engagement rings colors in different color shades and color tones to suit you.

You can opt for yellow gold, a white gold etc. as they are now available in different color shades and they are still very much available at a cheap price.  This will no doubt add to your sophistication and give your engagement a unique look.

All these listed benefits above are few among other that our engagement rings give you at a cheap price. Your engagement can be achieved no matter the size of your savings. We are just a call away from you to help you get cheap engagement rings.


Choosing the Right wedding Jewelry for you

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Choosing the Right wedding Jewelry for you

What exactly is it on the subject of wedding day jewelry that makes a bride desire to buy a piece of jewelry, and precisely what should she search for to complement her dress? Your easiest option is to select two or three different kinds of jewelry that appeals to you and try them on with your wedding gown. By doing this, you are able to choose the jewelry piece that enhances your appearance without blowing it and whenever you’re uncertain, keep it simple.

With regards to sterling silver, the best bridal jewelers are now moving straight into making use of Argentium sterling silver, which tarnishes really slowly, retains it’s bright shine considerably longer and does not any need polishing for lengthy time intervals. Since bridal jewelry is sort of fragile a lot of pieces includes hand-wrapping, particularly bridal & bridesmaid earrings, this can be very necessary to take note. The hand-wrapping causes little areas that are difficult to polish. Rough handling of the soft jewelry while polishing it might possibly break it. Hence, the relatively more costly and valuable Argentium silver is very much worth the price. Furthermore, to maintain your sterling silver jewelry, Argentium or not, in case combined with pearls, either make use of a polishing cloth or perhaps place a little bit of toothpaste on a soft brush and polish only the silver. You do not want strong abrasives around any natural pearls in your wedding jewelry because they will be ruined. Swarovski and many other faux pearls , however , normally takes a substantial amount of abuse without getting damaged .

Nowadays, one of the things that truly attracts brides-to-be towards purchasing a specific wedding jewelry is the sparkle, shine, and enthusiasm that just about every piece of jewelry radiates.

The measurements of jewelry pieces along with the significance of each piece is usually a thing to consider as to what to buy , mostly when the bride-to-be is looking at purchasing hair jewelry, necklaces, and earrings . Well , the key element here is that only one piece of jewelry would be the most important; Or perhaps the jewelry pieces could all belong to a set – that is, of the exact same design, to ensure that as a whole, they function as an attractive set . You do not want each and every piece of jewelry competing for the center stage because that probably would only remove attention off from the bride.

Crystal wedding jewelry, in fact, will most likely present you with the best sparkle. When searching, try to find a wedding jewelry design company with a big collection of both pearl and crystal designs in bridal earrings, bridesmaid bracelets, and wedding & accessories.

In case you are searching for jewelry that harmonizes your colors and wedding decorations with the colors of your bridesmaid outfits as well as the jewelry for the wedding party, there is certainly nothing more desirable than working with Swarovski crystals and pearls. They are available in various colors that on their own or even combined with one another create any color appearance which you might be searching for. Swarovski crystals still originate from Austria and are the perfect crystals made. You can get them in many sizes and shapes, and you can also get an attractive variety of pendants which might display a pretty good design.

Choosing the Right wedding Jewelry for you
Choosing the Right wedding Jewelry for you

Wedding Jewelry: Pearls

Pearls are fantastic to have on for any occasion, particularly on your wedding day. Selecting the best pearl jewelry although is essential. It must look and feel tasteful and compliment the physical appearance. This means you should get your wedding dress first. Bridal pearls must work well with your dress. The measurements you choose depends on the neckline of your wedding dress. A couple of choker designs looks nicely with full dresses.

Supplying the maid of honor and the bridesmaids with pearls could possibly be a great idea as well. This could be your gift idea to them for all they may have done to help make your wedding day so special. As just stated, however, you will need to consider the dresses they will be wearing for the special day. You can get them all matching wedding jewelry so they appear the same and beautiful.

matching wedding jewelry
matching wedding jewelry


Looking for the Perfect Proposal?

Asking your beloved to tie the knot with you is an important event. You would like to ask in such a manner that not only guarantees you of the response you wish but in addition sets you up to put together a beautiful marriage. Among the toughest issues to decide is how can you get your fiancée the ring that she will surely want to wear for a lifetime.

If perhaps there is a family ring, then part of your challenges may be fixed. Particularly if your loved one has seen and realized what the ring means. But the truth is you have to be cautious with heirloom rings. They might be charming and they might not. They may go well with the new wearer’s hand and they may not. Is the family legacy concerning the diamond ring with a setting that changes to adjust to each of the wearers.

However, if you are likely to decide on the engagement ring, there are ways to go about selecting the ring such as picking it out together that will make your beloved as happy as your proposal. It’s all about what makes you most comfortable and gives your woman the desirable moment as you propose.



Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings

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In today’s high costing world, the brides are trying to increase their budget in order to be able to have a memorable wedding. Brides tend to have various types of jewellery options that include jewellery sets, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much more. Conversely, the groom has fewer options like wedding bands, engagement rings, chains, etc. The most significant of these jewellery pieces is the groom’s wedding band. Though most brides prefer to give their groom forever bands, buying the wedding bands is mostly left out till the end of wedding shopping when the budget is tight.

There is a very simple solution for this problem that comes in the form of the contemporary materials. The modern wedding bands are known as contemporary wedding bands that serve as a great alternative when the budget is tight. Such contemporary wedding bands are available in high quality with affordable prices and are considered better than the traditional precious metals such as gold and platinum.

Men’s tungsten wedding rings The tungsten wedding rings are made of tungsten carbide which is a compound of the rare metal tungsten that is combined with an equal number of carbon atoms. The men’s tungsten wedding rings are quite heavy and amazingly strong due to which they are the toughest choices on the market. These rings have a measuring of 8.9 and 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and are available in three colours. The various colours it is available in include tungsten carbide’s natural gunmetal grey hue, black and white tungsten. The white tungsten looks like white gold or platinum as it has a classic silvery tone.

The most important property of the men’s tungsten wedding rings is that they are extremely scratch-resistant ensuring that they are in good shape for many years. Since tungsten carbide is naturally brittle, the men’s tungsten wedding rings are not fully immune to cracking. So, these rings are not for those guys who have to work a lot with their hands. Some higher quality designers have improved the crack-resistance property of the tungsten rings enhancing its life.

Titanium Wedding Bands The titanium wedding bands and the tungsten wedding bands have a similar industrial grey colour but otherwise they are fairly different. These rings are quite lightweight and have hypoallergenic properties making it ideal for people having allergies or sensitive skin. Guys who prefer wearing lightweight jewellery will find this as the best option for wedding rings. Even though titanium is tough enough to not crack, it can get some scratches over time.

Cobalt chrome rings for men Guys who like bands with classic appearance can opt for cobalt chrome which looks similar to platinum or white gold. The cobalt chrome is made of a metallic alloy of cobalt and chromium that has a lustrous white metal look. In the contemporary materials market, the cobalt chrome is known to be the fastest rising star. It provides a huge range of benefits that includes great durability, extreme scratch resistance, hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

As opposed to the other contemporary materials, cobalt chrome rings can be resized. Since they are not used as often as gold rings, some research is needed to find the right jeweller that offers resizing of these rings.

Men’s ceramic wedding rings The unparalleled uniqueness of the ceramic rings is ideal for those guys who prefer distinctly different look. These rings give a traditional metallic shade due to its rich black colour. These rings are neutral and versatile and so can be used regularly on any outfit. The ceramic jewellery is made of titanium carbide that has the best properties of the titanium and tungsten combined together. Some of the features it offers include tungsten’s superior scratch-resistance and titanium’s improved crack-resistance as well as light-weight property.

All these contemporary materials are of the best quality so the contemporary wedding rings are sure to last for a long time and yet are not heavy on the budget.


The Relationship Jewelry Guide

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The Relationship Jewelry guide. Of course one’s engagement ring, and wedding band are the most important and meaningful piece of jewelry you share with one another. However, there are all those other little events throughout your lives. While you may want to give her jewelry, a diamond isn’t necessarily what you’re after in these circumstances. Whether it’s a birthday, christmas, or just a gift out of the blue there are several options to wow her in the jewelry department, and we have some great tips for you.

A bracelet is a great gift idea, with so many different styles of bracelets you can always find one to fit that particular occasion, or outfit. They are also generally easy for sizing, unlike rings. Most bracelets are one size, and if they are a chain link it can be easily adjusted.

Bangles have been making more appearances in fashion, and with good reason, A great colourful bangle adds some fun and pop to a look. This Orange and Gold Hermes Bracelet for example is a great option for her at any season of the year. The bright colour can be fitting for summer and spring, yet with the right outfit it can be perfect for a winter look.

If you feel her taste is more classic you can opt for a thinner bracelet. The thinner bracelet gives a nice addition to an outfit, but doesn’t steal the show. However the options with thinner bracelets is also to combine more than one. With different colours available it can make a great gift to give her a couple beautiful thin bracelets to wear separately or together. These Hermes Bracelets are available in many other colours. While the bracelets look beautiful on their own, it is great to have the option of combining them.

For a romantic occasion, dainty bracelets can have more of a romantic, elegant feel to them. If you are buying a bracelet with chain links you can ask the jeweler to fit the bracelet to her size. A dainty bracelet is perfect for everyday wear, as they are simple enough to go with most outfits. A dainty bracelet can also be the perfect choice for an elegant night out. With a fancy dress, and shoes the simple bracelet just adds the right dose of glamour. This Bracelet by Yves Saint Laurent is a perfect dainty bracelet for her. The style of this bracelet is timeless, and doesn’t call for adjustments in size.

Cuff bracelets are another trendy bracelet style seen across the runways today. There are a lot of variations on the cuff bracelet. The cuffs can be seen in leather, and gold, with everything from diamonds, to studs embellishing them. The cuff is a great option to find the piece that really speaks to her sense of style. SInce these bracelets are a larger statement they show off the particular colour or design that much more. If she likes punk, styles of fashion this cuff bracelet by Valentino Garavani would be a great choice. With it’s pink colour and studs, this cuff has the perfect mix of feminine, with a dose of punk style.

Last, but not least we discuss earrings. Earring cans be a daunting gift choice. Most women have a certain preference when it comes to earrings, either opting for studs, or dangly earrings on a regular basis. Once you know what style of earring she is more inclined to wear, the hardest part is over. Earrings have a large selection of styles, there are diamond earrings, gold, silver, or just fun earrings with shapes, or flowers on them. This pair of earrings from Yves Saint Laurent have a good mix of dangle and stud. Since the earring comes from a stud base, those who don’t wear dangly earrings often will feel more comfortable.


Understanding Diamond Quality

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I recently got engaged to my girlfriend and have been writing a number of articles on purchasing engagement rings. When you go to purchase a ring you will most likely buy the setting and the stone separately. While there are many stones that you can have placed in your ring setting it is likely you will choose a diamond. To help you find the best value here is how to understand the quality of a diamond and what aspects are most important. Diamond quality is measured according to the 4Cs which are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.


White diamonds portray a lack of color (If you choose chocolate diamonds or something similar the color scale will not apply). The ratings system runs on a scale from D all the way to Z (including all the letters in between). There are a five categories of diamond color within this scale: Colorless (D,E, F), Near Colorless (G, H, I, J), Faint Yellow (K,L, M), Very Light Yellow (N, O, P, Q, R) and Light yellow (S-Z).

If you are looking for a diamond beautiful to the naked eye (doubtful that your girlfriend will whip out a loupe to inspect it) you should look for a diamond D-H. Colorless diamonds (D,E,F) are very high quality but also come with a very large price tag. G and H graded diamonds contain so little color that is barely noticeable to the naked eye. I and J graded diamonds have a slight amount of color that is noticeable to the naked eye. Anything beyond J should probably be avoided as there will be noticeable color especially in smaller diamonds.


Diamond clarity grades the lack of inclusions or blemishes. Internal characteristics of the diamond are inclusions while external characteristics are blemishes. The clarity rating is given based on the number, size, nature, relief, and position of these inclusions or blemishes. While it is not necessary to understand exactly how the diamond is graded it is important to understand what the grade signifies. None of these characteristics are obvious to the naked eye but may affect diamond brilliance. Have the jeweler let you see the diamond magnified to judge the size of possible inclusions or blemishes.

There are six grades or categories that a diamond may fall under. Flawless (FL) means there are no inclusions or blemishes visible under 10x magnification (these diamonds can be very pricy). Internally Flawless (IF) means that there are no inclusions visible under 10x magnification although there may be blemishes. Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2) means that there are inclusions so slight they are difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10X magnification. Very Slight Included (VS1 and VS2) are observed with effort under 10X magnification, but are minor. Slight Included (Sl1 and Sl2) have inclusions are noticeable under 10x magnification. Finally, Included (I1, I2, I3) have inclusions obvious under 10x magnification.


The cut of the stone is crucial to the stone’s beauty and sparkle. While diamonds do come in different shapes the cut refers to the workmanship of cutting the diamond to allow the diamond facets to interact with light. Different jewelers may use their own grading system to measure the quality of cut but there are different proportions of a diamond’s cut. While it is not necessary to go into every portion of a diamond cut it is important to understand the three effects the cut may have on light. The cut will determine the proportions of the diamond.

Diamonds that are too shallow (larger surface area and shallow depth) will have light travel straight through the diamond without reflection. If the diamond is conversely too deep the light will enter the diamond and then be refracted to the side out of the bottom of the stone. The ideal diamond will reflect the light entering the stone back up to your eye. Ideal diamonds have an equal mix of light and dark portions when looked straight down on the diamond. Poorer diamonds will be either very dark or a bland light color.


The easiest to understand carat simply refers to the weight of the stone. Each carat can be subdivided into 100 points. Each point matches up to the hundredth of the decimal. A diamond .35 carat diamond is a thirty-five pointer. Not surprisingly larger diamonds are more rare and more valuable. A note to make is that carat weights that are exactly the following (.5 carat, 1 carat, 1.5 carat, 2 carat, etc.) can be very expensive. However, if you have carat weight that is slightly off one of these exact measurements the diamond will be much cheaper. If you are worried more about the size of the stone you can search for stones based on top surface area measured in millimeters, (but remember having a shallow or deep diamond will affect the brilliance of the diamond).

The Price

I have listed no prices in each of the 4C’s because of variability. Your diamond price will change depending on the grades you select for each of the 4 C’s. Determine what is most important to you and make sacrifices accordingly. If you want a beautiful diamond you may end up choosing something small. If size matters remember the diamond may not shine as you hoped. The diamond does represent a large investment so look into insuring the diamond at the jeweler or including it as part of your home insurance, good hunting!


Engagement And Wedding Jewelry For Less

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Weddings and engagement parties are memorable occasions wherein the bride or bride-to-be has to look her best. It is her time to stand out and thus, she needs the right statement pieces to do so. However, while we would like to spend a fortune on baubles, our financial constraints will make it impossible for excessive diamond and gold accessories. Even so, one can purchase baubles that mimic the sparkle of diamonds and the sheen of gold or white gold. Here are tips for the bride-to-be who has to accessorize on a tight budget.

Faux Is Fine

With the economy these days, it would be impossible for most of us to splurge on real jewelry on our wedding day or engagement party. However, there is no need to fret. You can incorporate faux jewelry to your ensemble to make it look more fashionable.

Rhinestones And Pearls

Rhinestones and pearls are inexpensive pieces that can add that much-needed sparkle to your outfit. You can buy hair combs, a tiara or a headband with rhinestones, pearls or a combination of both to wear on your wedding day. The important thing is to add an accent or two, preferably something that sparkles.

Find An Inspiration Piece

There are many variations of wedding and engagement jewelry online. Thus, the bride-to-be should search for inspiration pieces beforehand. This will make it easier for her, as it will narrow down the possibilities. Base your inspiration on celebrity jewelry or on your favorite shape. For example, if one is having a beach wedding, starfish-shaped hair clips would add a whimsical touch to your wedding attire.

Visit Local Jewelry Stores

Visit jewelry stores in your area for ideas and inquire about prices while you are at it. However, as mentioned previously, most jewelry stores carry authentic pieces, which are expensive. Thus, your best option would be to browse through stores in search of faux jewelry. If their wares are not to your liking, the digital world should be your next stop.

Search Online For Great Deals

Most online stores carry a wide variety of wedding and engagement jewelry for the bride-to-be to choose from. Thus, it will be easier to find the perfect accessory this way. Choose from a dizzying amount of selections from the comfort of your own home. Before buying anything, check other sites first, as they may sell it for less.

Avoid Mass-Produced Goods

A bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. One would prefer to showcase her uniqueness on this special occasion. Thus, it is important to avoid purchasing pieces that are, for lack of a better term, over-used. For example, do not buy the same wedding tiara that your best friend bought for her wedding last year. Which is another reason why it would be wise to avoid purchasing your accessories from the shop that common friends patronize.

Quality For Less

High-quality pieces are not always purchased at exorbitant prices. Look for websites that have beautiful wedding and engagement accessories at a fair price. While many brides-to-be are unwise enough to invest in real jewelry for a one-time event, the savvy woman will opt for finely crafted pieces that are affordable. At the end of the day, the focus should be on the blushing bride and not on her baubles. Therefore, it would make more sense to invest in pieces that serve as accents, not as the main attraction. is an online establishment that offers decadent pieces at reasonable rates. There is no need to splurge on expensive adornments when you can complete your ensemble with pocket-friendly accessories. Look resplendent on your wedding day, without having to break the bank.


A Woman’s Guide to Choosing Wedding Jewellery

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Many women already find it challenging to pick jewellery for everyday use, so one can imagine how tricky the task is for special occasions like weddings. Regardless if you are the bride, the maid of honour, a bridesmaid or even just a wedding guest, know that there are general rules you should follow when picking wedding jewellery. Remember that the little details count—the wrong accessory (or accessories) can ruin what could have been a stunning outfit. So make sure to pick the right pieces by reading the tips below!

Decide with your dress as the main consideration

This tip is the first on the list for a reason—it is the most important rule of all, especially if you are the one getting married. Surely, you have spent a lot of time choosing the perfect dress for the event. If you deem the dress important enough to spend many of your precious hours on, then you definitely want it to be your outfit’s piece de resistance. So when you are going to choose jewellery for the event, consider the dress as the basis for your decision. Make sure the pieces you select match and complement the dress, and not take attention away from it.

How will you know if the jewellery you choose goes well with the dress? If you are the bride-to-be, it is a good idea to bring several jewellery options during the dress fitting. Try on the dress with several pieces of jewellery and see what will work with the dress. If you are involved in the wedding either as a member of the entourage or a guest, feel free to bring the dress with you when shopping for jewellery. What matters is that you get to see how the dress looks like with the jewellery and that you absolutely love the look.

Think of the time of the wedding

The time of the wedding usually suggests the formality of the event, and the dress and jewellery you choose should match the event’s formality. Late afternoon and evening weddings are usually more formal, so you will be compelled to choose dressier pieces. Meanwhile, morning and early afternoon weddings are expected to be more relaxed and laid-back, so feel free to opt for simpler jewellery.

Make sure the metal goes with the dress colour

If you are the bride, the metal and colour combination is something worth thinking about. If the wedding dress is off-white or in a similar shade like champagne, the recommended metal for jewellery is rose or yellow gold. You have more choices if your dress is pure white—this hue works well with either white gold, platinum or silver.

Women should invest in silver jewellery because these prove to be versatile—these work will almost every colour. Gold jewellery also looks good with many colours, but it looks best with a selected few. These include jewel tones, bright orange and coral pink.

Pay attention to the details on the dress

The type of jewellery you should choose must go well with the details on the dress, such as those on the bodice. Pearls pair nicely with beading, while diamonds complement crystals or sequins. If the detailing on the bodice is quite elaborate, choose simpler pieces to achieve a balance.

Consider the neckline of the dress

The neckline of the dress is also another thing you should consider when picking out wedding jewellery. Strapless dresses look best with chokers, while sweetheart and V-neck dresses are best paired with pendant necklaces. For dresses with a cowl neckline, it is best to skip the necklace and opt for elaborate earrings instead. If the dress has a high neckline, you may choose a longer necklace or forgo it. Again, you can go bold with earrings to make a statement.

Use less jewellery (or none) if headpieces are used

Some brides want to wear an tiara on their wedding and that is fine. However, if you want to do the same and wear some kind of elaborate accessory on your head, either skip the earrings and necklaces or choose very simple pieces. You do not want to have too many accessories to take attention away from your dress. In this case, less is indeed more.

Choose bracelets carefully

The problem with bracelets is that these can have sharp features that can ruin the dress. It is always possible that the accessory will snag the fabric, especially if the fabric is a delicate one. You can skip the bracelet if your dress is made from delicate fabrics, but if you insist on wearing one, at least make sure the one you choose to wear does not have points that will cause any damage.